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God's grace welcomes you,  no matter who you are or where you come from;  we do too!  Our belief is that Jesus Christ is the only Savior of all people.  By His perfect life, innocent death and triumphant resurrection, Jesus saves all sinners.  We learn these truths from the Bible - God's complete plan for our salvation and His guidebook for our lives.

Shepherd of the Hills greets you with a warm welcome!  We look forward to sharing worship with you and getting acquainted during our worship services. 

Please Note:  We will switch to our summer schedule beginning on Sunday, May 27th.  The Thursday worship service will remain at 6:30pm.  Sunday services will start at 8am and 9:30am.  Sunday School and Bible Study will be held on May 20th but will then conclude for the summer months and will resume in the fall. 

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Sermon Teaser (5/17 & 20): "Education is wasted on the youth", so the old saying goes. That may be a strong way of saying it, but so often the lessons we learn when we are young are lessons we forget as we get older. That happens in spiritual matters as well. So, as we celebrate Pentecost this week, we will go back to catechism class. In doing so, may God help us have fresh appreciation for the festival and the work of the Spirit.

Shepherd of the Hills
Lutheran Church

6869 Wildwood Road
West Bend, WI  53090

Church:  262-334-9892

Pastor Darren Knoll
Cell:  262-365-7352
Home:  262-573-8183


Worship  Schedule

Worship 8 & 10:30am
Sunday School 9am
Sunday Bible Class 9:10am

Worship 6:30pm

Jesus Cares Ministry
Worship 6:30 pm
1st Monday of the month 

Jesus Cares Website


Come as our Guest....Stay as our Friend