For Our Visitors

We're glad that you're interested in visiting us at Shepherd of the Hills and look forward to meeting you!  This page includes information about our worship services, intended to make your visit a comfortable and relaxed experience.

When you arrive, you will be greeted at the door by a church member.  They will supply you with a worship bulletin and give you any directions you need.  Let them know that you are visiting so they can make sure you are taken care of as our guest. 
Guest Register 
We like to know who has come to see us.  During the offering an attendance register will be passed around.  There is no obligation to register, but we would like to stay in contact with you, if possible.
The order of our services are printed in the worship folder.  All hymns, Bible readings and responses are included.  If you wish to sing along with the hymnal, you'll find these under the seat of the chair in front of you.  Our services include greetings to each other, songs, scripture readings, children's message and a sermon.  
Children's Message
During the Sunday services, young children are invited to go to the front of the church to hear a message, just for them.  If you are visiting with children, they are welcomed to join the group.  After the message, children return to sit with their families.

After the sermon, an offering plate will be passed by the ushers.  You are invited to contibute, or not, as your heart and circumstances direct.  

In our church, participation in Holy Communion is meant for those who share a common faith in Jesus Christ and unity in confession of the truth of His Word.  We invite to the sacrament those who have been instructed in the Word of God concerning the Lord's Supper, and share the faith and confession of this Lutheran congregation.  If you will be communing with us during your visit, please wait for direction from the ushers and follow other members' lead in going to the altar.  If you will not be communing, simply shake your head when the ushers come to your row.
Sunday School
On Sundays, children attend Sunday School at 9am except during the Summer months.  If your child will be attending, please ask the greeters or an usher for direction in getting them into a class.
Bible Study/Adult Education
Exccept for the Summer months, Bible Study is offered between the Sunday services. You are welcomed to attend.  The greeters or ushers can give you direction.  Bible study is also offered at several other times during the week.  You will find a link to the Bible Study schedule on the left side of this page, during months when it is offered.
What to Wear
We certainly would not wish for a matter of appearance to be a deterrent to your visit with us.  You will find a variety of dress styles at each of our services.  Thursdays seem to be a bit more casual, but you'll find everything from jeans and shorts, to suits, at most of our gatherings.  Whatever we choose to wear, we are mindful to be respectful to other members and to the Lord, who will be looking upon us.

Come as our Guest....Stay as our Friend