Sundays- The Apostles' Creed (starting 3/24/2019)

 Leader: Pastor Knoll

Meeting Day(s): Sundays
Meeting Time: 9:10am
What are the 3 reasons Jesus had to be true God AND true man?  Was his descent into hell part of his suffering or his exaltation?   Who is part of the Holy Christian Church?  Did you pause a little before answering any of those?  Do you have no clue what the answers are to any of those?  If so, we have a class for you. Starting March 24th, Pastor will lead a study of the Apostles’ Creed.  While you have been confessing these words for years, join us to brush up on the tenets of our faith and knock a few cobwebs off of truths you learned years ago in confirmation class.  We meet at 9:10 in the sanctuary.

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