Our Faith
The Shepherd of the Hills family is a Christian community.  This means that our beliefs are rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ as they have been documented in the Holy Bible.  We believe that Jesus is our Savior and that because of our faith in Him, we have eternal life.  Because of this, our future is secure. We have confidence that we are loved and cared for in this life and will be through eternity.
Our faith is Bible-based.  We accept the Bible, in its entirety, as the true Word of God.  We search the Bible to study the history of our faith and to seek a closer relationship with our Lord for today.  We live by the Gospel, God's forgiveness through Jesus' payment for all sins.  We strive to follow Jesus' teachings in our personal walk with the Lord and within all personal relationships.
We are always happy to share what we believe.  If you'd like more information, please contact us.
Come as our Guest....Stay as our Friend